func_tank that moves towards target?

I’m trying to make little brush based “projectiles” using func_tank. I want to have complete control over its’ behavior, so I really, REALLY don’t want to use physics props. I want the projectile to aim at the target, stop aiming at it (but hold the previous position), then move forward in the direction its’ pointing. I tried parenting a func_movelinear to the func_tank, but it always moves to the same position regardless of its’ rotation.

Does anyone have any other good ideas on how to do this?

why not use Npc_launcher :)?

I also want to parent decorative objects to the “projectile”, and I ultimately want to make them do far more complicated maneuvers (like I said, I want complete control over them). I appreciate the thought, though; I’ve never heard of that entity, and it sounds like it could be useful for other purposes.

There’s also func_tankrocket depending on what game you’re mapping for.