Func_TrackTrain and starting orientation


Unrelated, is this Skyrail from 007 Nightfire?

Okay tracktrains are interesting things, everyone seemed to have problems with them, to fix orientation all you need to do is make sure that the direction you want the track train to face is ALWAYS pointing to the EAST or RIGHT in the TOP DOWN PLAN VIEW in hammer, just build the TRACK TRAINS always facing EAST or RIGHT in top view as the PATH_TRACKS will turn the Track_trains to the correct orientation in game.

It looks strange in hammer but once you get your head around it you will understand it. I made a test map on track trains a few days ago that you could download and look at in Hammer to help you understand it. Hope that helps

It is!

So if I build my tracktrain facing east-west instead of north-south (what it should be) then it will rotate correctly when I compile the map?

Yes exactly, the front of it needs to be facing the east side of the map, you don’t actually have to even build it on the track path, it can be separate and will spawn in position on the first start track path that you tell it to be on at start. :slight_smile:

Alright cool, so why when I have it rotated correctly does it turn 90 degrees?

It’s just set up to interpret the eastward facing side of the train as the front. It’ll rotate it appropriately for the direction of motion if you don’t tell it otherwise. So if the side of the train was facing east in hammer, it’ll interpret that as the front, and rotate it toward the direction of motion, which in your case is along the north/south axis. Just rotate it so the front is facing east and it will spawn in the correct position ingame.

Hmm even after years of mapping I was never aware of this. Between this and conveyor belts, I’m glad I’m still learning things about the source engine!

It’s all about the nuance with source.