func_tracktrain - Not stopping at original location

I made a train (Some func_physboxes and 3 prop_dynamics) go in a straight line, then hit the end and return. The problem is, it doesn’t go back to the same spot. Unless I do some major restructuring that will look odd, I can’t really continue with the map.

Any ideas?


What? It’s a func_tracktrain with the train part parented to it. Thrusters will do NOTHING.

Use a func_train instead?

If you just want the thing to go back and forth, it’s better to use a func_train and path_corners instead.

Is it orangebox only? func_train not showing up in the entity list. I’m using HL2:DM.

Did you even read the wiki page? It isn’t in any FGDs, so it won’t show in there by default.

Whoops, just saw the first post that said to use func_trains. I’ll give it a shot.

Or this if you still prefer the bugged way

Got it in the FGD, though I notice that it doesn’t allow me to reverse the direction or have the “OnPass” output…

Does anyone know what the problem could be with my original func_tracktrain?


I read that a while ago, wasn’t too helpful.

or, just use a func_movelinear

Seems like it would work, though I would prefer to set the speed after it starts moving, which it can only do in the orange box engine. Since nobody in this thread seems to have used func_tracktrain successfully, this will have to be my best bet until Gabe Newell himself happens to shit a magical turd with the instructions on how to use this damned entity correctly.


Son of a motherless goat!
It worked GREAT!