func_tracktrain with multiple brushes!

All right, I’m making my first map from scratch with the Hammer. :dance:
I need to know how can I move multiple brushes toghether without losing their properties (there’s a trigger_multiple and 4 func_clip_vphysics).
I know how to do a train, using func_tracktrain.
Can you help me? :downs:

I would group them and give them the same name.

Why not use parenting?

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Grouping them wouldn’t really do anything at all as it’s a Hammer-only thing. Giving them the same name would allow you to target them all at once with I/O, but it still wouldn’t help you move them.

Despite the fact that some objects don’t have a field for parenting, you can still do it, by turning off smart edit, and manually adding in parenting.

…does this work on sky_camera?

(probably not, but actual moving skycams would be neat and very useful)



No luck, :frowning: It didn’t crash it just didn’t move.

Darn, that would have been very useful for a project I was planning…

Woah, I started with an innocent question and now I created the Third World War :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, as Mozartkugeln said, giving the same brushes the same name is useless, but if I parent them maybe I can do it. :downs:

why would you need func_clip_vphysics? the train moves whatever is on it anyways, and what is the point of the trigger multiple?

Grouping them makes it easier to select them in hammer.

It’s a no-brainer it doesn’t affect the compile.

You can’t move the sky camera, but you can animate things around the sky_camera to give the illusion it moves.