function GM:PlayerEnteredVehicle( player, vehicle, role ) <-- What is role?

Name: gamemode:CanPlayerEnterVehicle( player, vehicle, role )
Desc: Return true if player can enter vehicle
function GM:CanPlayerEnterVehicle( player, vehicle, role )
return true

Name: gamemode:PlayerEnteredVehicle( player, vehicle, role )
Desc: Player entered the vehicle fine
function GM:PlayerEnteredVehicle( player, vehicle, role )
No explanations there.
Anyone know?

driver or passenger probably.

But vehicles only have one seat.


No apparent function. Mode appears to always be zero regardless of any parameter given with Player.EnterVehicle.

Probably some left-over functionality with scripted vehicles to indicate which seat the player is in, or something along those lines.

I’ve seen links about scripted vehicles scattered across the wiki, but they’re all red. What are/were they?

Something nobody has done really, aside from faking it quite convincingly with a SENT.

You can look at what it is through the base vehicle here.

It’s pretty much self explanatory once you look at the code. It doesn’t appear to have anything magical about it aside from IsVehicle being true and maybe some npc functionality.

I haven’t tried doing anything with it myself, though, so I don’t know.

Thanks, I might look into doing something with it, if only to be the first. :v: