Function grabber.

I need a script, that gets EVERY single function both lua and GMod lua within the game and outputs it into a text file.
A function on every line. Derma, Entity, Player etc etc Maybe even Hook names if that’s possible.


Not just them ones, but in that format. Every function.

You can if it’s easier add a litter tag to it after a function space to say if it’s Server side, client side shared etc. I don’t mind if it’s in alphabetical order I can do that after.
Is it possible to also add things like an animation list and stuff? That would be very handy too.

Would be a big help for a new project i’m working on.


Reason being:

and I want to update my auto completer api. But it needs a fresh list before I want to continue some outdated functions.

WOuld a recursive call trough G help?

There already is a functions dump, but it outputs in wiki format.

What is the name?

FunctionDump.lua in garrysmod/lua