function to give ammo not working

I am new to code and added this to functions_gamemode.lua in a gamemode called DarkRP.
I was wondering whats wrong with this:

function ammogive(ply)
        if ply:Team() == TEAM_POLICE then
                ply:GiveAmmo("tenmmauto", 50)
hook.Add("PlayerLoadout", "plou", ammogive)

Make sure you made tenmmauto a ammo type.
[LUA]function ammogive(ply)
if ply:Team() == TEAM_POLICE then
ply:GiveAmmo(50, “tenmmauto”, true)
hook.Add(“PlayerLoadout”, “plou”, ammogive)[/LUA]

GM:AddAmmoType(“tenmmauto”, “10mm Auto”, “models/Items/BoxSRounds.mdl”, 50, 50) ammotypes.lua

Let me try yours.

edit: Nope it didnt work

I tried this and it worked.
name = “ammo”,
dmgtype = DMG_BULLET,
tracer = 3,
plydmg = 0,
npcdmg = 0,
force = 2000,
minsplash = 10,
maxsplash = 5
function GM:PlayerLoadout( pl )
pl:GiveAmmo( 255, “ammo”, true )