[Function] When someones joining -> invite to Steam-Group

Hey guy!
Someone knows how to make this function? So if someone joines my server, he automatically get’s a invite to our steamgroup. Seen this on a couple of servers, and I think it’s quite useful for a Gaming Community.

Google did not help meh :’(


This kind of thing is annoying as hell, and every time I’ve had that shit thrown at me I leave the server immediately.

Don’t even think about it.

If you’re going to do this at least make it voluntary. Like “type !joingroup to receive an invite to our group that you will join and never participate in and forget about and will receive 100 group event notifications until you leave it”

Things like that are reconized by steam as spam and your spamnooblol
So No Release Don’t Taunt unHappy Ball and stay calm and chillax :v:

Even a better idea!
But how to do this? :open_mouth:

Doing this is against steam terms and conditions, resulting in a steam ban on the accounts it is done with.

Where in the steam TOS? Please elaborate.

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WHenever someone says !joingroup, navigate them to your groups page using gui.OpenURL as the best alternative.

We get at least 100 invites to hellsgamers every week, we don’t need another one.


Omg fucking ass post. I mean really I get spammed with group invites everyday. It’s so anoying. Look of you want people in your group just tell them about it.

how come i dont get invites :c

I hate being invited all the freakin time.