Functional RIG

Workshop addon:
A simple addon that a coder wanted to willingly do it for me.

Functional RIG is based off the health mechanic from the Dead Space franchise. If a player gets hurt or healed, the bar will deplete/restored based of the user’s health. This also works for Armor as well (Stasis).
It suits well, if you play the game mostly in **thirdperson **and/or have no hud enabled.

Any feedbacks are appreciated. And please know, that I have little to almost no knowledge of glua. If you want to improve the addon, just shoot me a PM.


SleepyMode - Lua script
Shendow - Fixes in lua
Me - Modeling the RIG, Texturing and Bodygroups

Looks amazing, I’ll check it out. The only bad thing is that only certain models support it, but looks nice nonetheless.

Thanks. I’ll be supporting more and more DS models as the time goes on.