Don Clemente has sent his regards

I wanted it to be an opening scene of comic about mafia, but I lost my inspiration. God, why?

Anyway, here you have it. That rain sucks, my first ever effect added in Photoshop.

Here’s the original:

Please, comment and criticize.

Zoom in with the camera to avoid the fisheye effect.
Stitch more screenshots together if your scene won’t fit in a single one.


Or are those different models in the back that are so similar to those in the front?

Looks like dupes, with different skins

Dupes, cuz I’m so lazy. But I made SDoF to hide it :F

Good idea but the execution is quiet awkward.

Well you failed to hide it.

It’s not too bad, but looks a little sloppy. The posing’s good, albeit too many people with one hand over the wrist. I do believe people who do that usually hold their other hand, not their wrist. The rain is not the worst I’ve seen, but it’s too dark and two-dimensional.

Actually i think making a mafia comic is a good idea, i am now playing mafia 1 and that game is amazing maybe you can learn from this game, maybe the game will give you inspiration.