You know what I find would be a nice change of pace in DarkRP servers, is if there was something like a grave yard and when people die, you actually go to a funeral and mourn the loss. Not like they die and their forgotten, just seems kind of irrational to me. I think it’d be a good idea for something to do in a RP gamemode.

It would better suit serious RP gamemodes, not DarkRP.

I want this , because taking hostages is pointless . But I think there must be respawn time about 2 minutes

I know. I had an idea of how to incorporate this into my gamemode, but I decided to take it in a different direction so…

This is not something you put into a gamemode, you roleplay it out…

Get out. Just get out kid. You go to every good RP suggestion game mode and go. LUL HURR SUCKS

(User was banned for this post (""Get out"" - Benji))

Yeah, so since when did you need to implement a graveyard/funeral in your gamemode? It wouldn’t ever work. It’s called roleplaying it out, if nobody wants to have a funeral because nobody cares about said character, then they shouldn’t be forced to have one.

So quit your flaming, lol.

Jeez, I don’t know what I did to deserve this… But I thought it would have worked well with some of them having wills and such being read at the funeral. XP