FunFall V1

I though i send a Thread of this map but i cant find it :S

This map is on the Garry’s mod Toybox and i have over than 30 000 Download

Here is a video

I made this map when i was bored and i didn’t know that it would be popular on the toybox XD


This is a very simple map … Just Bind a key to kill yourself or get a fall damage Script

0: Download here
1 Kill yourself
2 Look at your corpse falling down
3 enjoy
4 repeat
5 Leave a comment or a video of your fall :smiley:

I am now working on few kind of Ragdoll Slaughtering maps

so I will release a V2 soon

you’d think 30000 people cant be wrong
but sometimes they can

When I saw the pics I immediately thought of that pit in the middle of DM-Gael from Unreal Tournament 2003/4.

lol ?

well its not a lots but it got 800 Fav and … i think im near 190 like and 64 dislike

so if i have more like & fav than dislike i guess they dont have wrong

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Wow i didnt remember that map XD… yeah you right :D. I’m gonna think about making one like that

Tbh, it seems kinda boring.

Depend how you see it

if you don’t like the kind of map that is made for having fun with physic and throwing corpse in a hole
Yeah this would be boring because there is nothing else to do



Wasn’t there a ragdoll death map with more ways to die than just a pit.

I don’t want to be an ass, but a map being popular on toybox isn’t something to be specifically proud of.

When you consider the number of dumbasses browsing it.

2 textures in total.
No texture aligment.
Looks very very dull.

There are already other maps like this that did it moderatly better.

Nothing special here at all, just lots of copied brushes along with a big tube, not anything good at all.

Really looking forward to Version 2, I really love the original direction you are taking this map in.

I hope Valve hire you, this map would be great in HL3.

welcome back my love

I made this exact map a few years ago, only mine had levels of increasing difficulty. Lemme go snag some screenshots.

For proof:

Pitfallv5b2 is the oldest iteration, “Pitfall!” is one I made years later that was completely reconstructed to be more efficient (as I had gained a lot more experience with mapping by then).

The bottom of every pit teleported you to a nest at the top of the next pit. The goal was to make it through without dying.

The levels got increasingly difficult, this one had spinning spirals, and there were other ones that had small, moving holes you had to fall through. Made it for counterstrike, though you could play it in gmod with mp_falldamage (or whatever) set to 1.

I never completed it because I never thought it would generate interest, being as simple as it is.

You should publish it i would like to try it :stuck_out_tongue: