Funky Doctor zombie who's missing a leg is playing "Superstitious" on a Piano


Oh shit here comes Bubz!
on topic: I like it.

Be Afraid.

On Topic: nice angles and sun


You just entered a world of pain.

Now you must feel it. Feeel it.

The light is kinda excessive.
And I see low-res everywhere :2

I like the lighting on the zombie, though. And everything else.

Two hour piggy back ride giddy up Jeane

How’s he supposed to play the sustain pedal if his right leg is gone?

obviously by magic

Black magic


I like it.

I don’t even get how you can ask this question, it’s a Zombie playing a piano, there need be no question asked.

I’m a pianist, it’s justified.

But it’s a damn ZOMBIE.

A zombie, playing the piano. Could be the next parry gripp song.

He needs sunglasses and a badass hairdoo to be Stevie Wonder.