Funky render.DrawSprite issue

So I’m not really sure where to start with this problem.

It appears in sandbox using the gmod_light ent as well

I attach the sprite (or ent) to a car and drive it around. The sprite will become invisible or blocked by the vehicle at random places.

(yes i am drawing a fuckton of sprites right now, it is just for testing purposes, will be lowered as soon as i figure out wtf is going on)[/t]

Any ideas as to why this happens? Anyone can reproduce this in sandbox.

Should note, it happens with all of SGM’s crown vics, but does not happen with LW’s suburban.

I’m at a loss.

BTW - I’m using essentially the same code from the gmod_light ent in my ent to do this.

You would probably have better luck in the Developer Discussion section.

What happens is Z order fighting or whatever it is called, basically to fix it look how gmod_light did it, and have a $noz material.

I’m using sprites/light_ignorez as the material :frowning: