Funniest experience in rust?

One of my friends was a naked rock-fighting champion. Me and a couple of my friends were walking around when he drops a 3 meter drop. Next thing I hear is a crunch, along with “I’m sorry man, I have to do this”. Boom. My friend put down his rock fighting champion because his legs were broken.

cool story bro :smiley:

Was walking down the road, when i saw two guys running around trying to kill a bear. They kept trying to hit it but they failed. So i came in and assisted them…

Imagine 3 naked guys running and trying to hit a bear…

I laughed.

well alright, my funniest experience so far was me and a buddy where just roaming around when we suddenly got attacked. we managed to scare them away and we where having a laugh about it. just as I said jokingly, lets go on an adventure. my friend suddenly screamed TO NARNIA, dissapeared into the ground. and a second later i saw his dead body skyrocketing like 20 into the sky. i still have no clue how but i never laughed so hard :slight_smile:

If you ever publish a novel, I would not read it.

THIS is the funniest thing I’ve seen regarding rust:

"The short of it is that there’s a band of self-named “Penis Brothers” wandering around naked together and forcing players they meet to choose: take your pants off or they kill you."

Full story here:

Youtube vid:

Usually just running from wolves and bears. 3 wolves at once. they don’t give up

The video had me in stiches - pantless Napoleon!

What is it about this game that makes people want to have not only their own dicks swaying in the breeze but other peoples as well?

I saw an italian guy and started talking with him.He seemed nice so i began to do weird stuff with him around a fire.Then he showed me he had an axe and shouted :I am the king of the world !!!So i asked him not to kill me and he began to suck me.Then he just killed me with his axe…

Saw an epic battle between 2 nakeds which i thought was funny:

Guy with a hatchet was chasing some guy with a rock and hit him at least once… they ran up a hill and the rock guy fell with no damage but the hatchet guy fell and broke his legs and he goes “FUCK! Don’t kill me bro”… rock guy turns around and smacks him a few times with the rock… the funniest part was watching the hatchet guy spin around while he was injured it looked like he was flipping out. lol. Now that I type it out it doesn’t seem as funny… maybe you had to be there I almost peed my pants laughing

I had just been killed when I respawned at a backup shack naked, and donned some leather clthes I had on hand. I gathered about 3 rocks in the area, and made myself a stone hatchet.
In the distance I saw a fully radsuited M4-toter. I jumped to show non aggression, but he started shooting. I ran to the nearest cluster of shelters, and closed the door on a shelter I happened to own. However after about a minute, the guy has figured out where I’m hiding, and is knocking on the wooden door with his pickaxe. I stow my ore and hatchet in a small box, then suicide.

I respawn at my nearby house, and grab a pickaxe from a weapon storage box. I closed the metal doors behind me and cautiously approached the shelter cluster where I suicided. All I had was the pickaxe and my birthday suit.
Unfortunately for me, the radsuit guy had backed up significantly, and was camping with his m4 in the hopes that I would come out of the empty shelter. He caught sight of me and starts shooting, but I’m already too close - I pickaxed him 3 times and looted him with only 10 Health remaining.
God that was awesome.