Funniest GMod RP Moments!

There’s a old thread on this somewhere but I don’t feel like digging it up. I made this to compliment .
In this thread, post some of the funniest moments in GMod RP! Please don’t start a massive war over gamemodes :smith:

I’ll start:
I was a CP, and me and my Police Chief buddy were taking a break from looking for a bomber to investigate a combined gun and car store that was too far from civilization to be trustworthy for us. However, it seemed to be clean. The Chief exited the store, and I paused to purchase a SMG. Suddenly, the Chief called “Hey, who threw that car?”. I ran out, and the Chief was in the shop entrance, a car lying on its side just a few inches in front of him. Suddenly the bomber pushed past from behind us, and grabbed a nearby car. We took out our guns and prepared to fire, but the bomber drove straight out of the driveway, went too fast to turn onto the road, and crashed into a tree, where his health was so low he died instantly.

Someone asked my char to marry them and I said no, they took a katana out of nowhere and killed themself. :expressionless:

When this little kid tried to RP on my friend’s server… he became Mob leader and got a medic, a gundealer, a gangster, and a citizen to go to the hidden room in Oviscity and they had “secret meeting” where a toilet was their statue. It was propped up on top of one of the CS:S TVs… no the flat screen. Then the cops went after them (two cops) but since there was no chief or mayor they couldn’t get a warrant. So they eventually gave up. Then my friend went into god and ghost mode. Spawned in a silenced smg and started nocliping in out of the room while shooting. The kids were all like “WTF IS GOING ON!!! OH NOES!!! THE COPS ARE COMING TO TAKE US TO JAIL!!!” So he did that for a bit and they decided to run away to hide in one of the apartments for another “secret meeting” Then my friend ignited the toilet in the secret room and when they got back they were like… “WTF OMG!!! SOMEONE TRASHED UP OUR BASE!!!” We were both laughing in the end… all of the players eventually left except for two. The mob leader was messing around with the other kid and eventually we had 3 admins on. One of the admins started making fun of him and the kid was like “OMG! YOU GUYS ARE IDIOTS!!! STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!” sadly the kid was using his mic. 5 minutes of this go one before the kid starts being a smart mouth decides to call us “insulting” names such as: idiots, dumb people, poop, and other kiddy names. Then my friend gets tired of it and starts telling the kid that he needs to respect others and stuff and he’s like." NO WAY!!! I’M BETTER THEN ALL OF YOU AND YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!" Then my friend gets pissed off and cusses the kid out and he’s all like," YOU KNOW WHAT!!! YOU KNOW WHAT!!! YOU KNOW WHAT!!! I DON’T NEED TO BE ON HERE I’M LEAVING I DON’T WANT TO PLAY WITH IDIOTS LIKE Y-"… BANNED! We all start laughing and the other admins are like," Man I wanted to do that!" The laughing eventually dies down and we go back to our normal build/rp.

Well on my friends sever he some times abuses admin just for fun so anyway i was Driving in EvoCity and i saw a hunter and i was like oh shit but he was using a pill pack so i though it was a real one and chased me fun tell in hit him barley then get got killed then made me in Jesus by Putting me on the cross good times :slight_smile:

The gundealer left his shop mumbling something as if he was mentally cracking up. Within 10 seconds every criminal of the server was breaking in and looting his shop. I thought that this is a good moment to test out this keypad cracker I have and started hacking the opened security door from outside. I didn’t expect it to close the door locking half of the criminals inside. Two of the thieves who were my friends both got out with a weapon shipment before I locked up the shop.
Then we escaped with the weapon crates to our hideout and left the other criminals trapped there for cops to notice and take them away.

Even though I don’t have a moment, can you tell me the IP of your server? Sounds good!
Gamer’s Haven Roleplay, Evocity 24/7, awesome ping if you are in the UK (around 100 for the US). PredGD was the bomber and Manic Fork my cop buddy.

Okay i’ll be on soon! Epicz ping for me!!!

So basically, your friend abused his admin rights to noclip into a secured building, DMs everyone (with a gun he didn’t even buy), then sets their stuff on fire and makes fun of them and bans them when they get mad.

What a great admin!

My funniest moment was when I became mayor and made all pefrect by legalizing durgz and propsurfing.
noone ever killed anyone and I needed no police. I also did massive O.D.'s (that didn’t kill me, I knew my limit) on the durgz I got with my paycheck.

It’s always fun turning invisible using colorers then stealing shipments and money printers. People freak the fuck out when a floating gravity gun picks up their printer and takes it away.

He didn’t rdm… he just shot at a wall to see the kid’s reaction.

He’s actually pretty good except for moments like these… I was over at his house and we got bored.


I once made a torture machine in Medieval RP, it involved Dildos, motorized wrenches, and Hydraulics. Then, I made a better version replacing dlildos with drilldos and motorized dildos. I made a portable version of the device too :q:

All from a server called “Office RP”


Good times, good times.

wire coloring yourself invisible + keys + idiots who don’t properly secure their guns = me laughing as they go “WTH WHY ARE OUR GUNS VANISHING??”

I built a trench like the one from WOTS and someone came and was all like… “WTF WOTS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!” and we kept the kid believing it was happening and he said he was quitting Garry’s Mod and he disconnected and someone added him to friends to tell him it was a joke… The kid really thought it was happening XD

How do you turn yourself invisible?

Also, I remember once on a dark rp server, there was this guy who joined and settled in the downtown hotel. I owned a room upstairs and would constantly annoy him by making a pathway down to his window and spawning props inside his room.

Wire Colorers(?), or a friend with the paint/material tool.

I remember that server! I joined it once, wondering how so many people were on a server, pretending to have some boring desk job, and found it to be the worst stereotypes of DarkRP. I did have some fun messing with the minges there by actually roleplaying, though.