funniest moment in your gmod experience?

post your most hilarious moment in gmod here, my most funniest moment in gmod would be when a minge said he will crash a server i was admin on, he said if you dont stop blowing him up (reason was because he blew my stuff up), he said he would crash the server. so i keep blowing him up, and he kept saying that. then he said i will rape your mother and make you watch if you dont stop, so i start happily crying, gasping for air. he was using his mic(due to rage i guess) and then i was done and kicked him.

One of the funniest moment in gmod for me is when i was faceposing wesker and ended up with this.

Kenny, isn’t that more a fucking horrifying bowel-evacuating experience?

Anyway, one humorous moment I’ll always remember was when I was playing with a friend at my house. We were on a flatgrass server, and there was one of those hilariously ineffective mingebags that are fun to mess around with. I had a propkiller E2 (a big PHX cube) to deal with him, and my friend was making a house. We were making the windows, and as my friend set a plates material to glass it revealed the minge right outside it. He had a pile of dynamite, and was spawning more. I turned on the propkiller, and it hurtled in from the right and swept the minge and his dynamite away and out of view just as he detonated them. Sadly it was one of those moments that needed to be witnessed for full amusement, but it really was some cartoon-style hilarity.

You don’t even know how many steam friends have complained that this has soiled their trousers, i have a fuller riper screenshot, where some xenomorphs restrain him and one of them shoves their tail down his throat. Terrifying Stuff.

Moving on, Another funny experience was when me and my girlfriend were messing around with the toybox entities we had and started a nyan core rave party, with flying thrusters. Some random dude joined the server and started placing npcs around the party. So we used the nyan cores to kill the npcs with our physguns, when that didn’t work we actually got into combine pods and throw each other at the npcs.

Good Times.

Two people on an RP server were cybering and I charged in and yelled “SPECIAL DERIVARY” while spinning around. Got permabanned.

Me and a friend were playing with scars and we had the great idea of attaching some nukes into a cart behind a car, and then spawning ai in it so it could drive around. It blew up the shit we were making a half an hour later because we forgot about it

Another time I was helping out a friend by being an admin on a server, and this girl came in and thought I was fucking amazed a girl was playing gmod, so she acted like a fucking idiot. Like 20 minutes later she had broken nearly all the rules and nearly crashed the server so I told the server owner about, he came in and rocketed her a shit load until she left

I was an admin on a server and me and the other admin were playing around with some new guy who joined for the first time.
We had built a fort and we kept spawn klieners and we were telling the guy “mingebags were invading the server and all of gmod.” We lead him to think Notch (from minecraft) was behind the attacks because gmod and minecraft were the leading sandbox games.

After that, the owner decided to play along and he left the server and me and the other admin were saying “ohh no, the owner was perma-banned from his own server!”

The guy we were messing around with asked if we should do some minecraft griefing later.
Me and the other admin said yes but later we both acted like we were banned from the server as well.
We came back with different steam names like “minge leader” or whatever.
After that the guy left the server.

My friends and I used to be regulars on this one server. As good as it was, it didn’t have prop protection and we weren’t admins, so we would have to deal with the odd griefer now and then. However, this one time a major griefer joined and killed us all, placed dynamite at the spawn and kept detonating it over and over. Eventually he got bored of pissing us off and quit. We managed to track him down to a spacebuild server using the steam “recent players” thing and found out that he had a pretty nice looking base on a planet far away from the spawn. Myself and the two friends from before spent about an hour building a hilarious looking battleship (complete with dumb looking warpaint), stocked up on weapons and promptly flew to his planet and destroyed his life support system and most of his base. He then suffocated to death while frantically trying to recalibrate his oxygen supply. A just punishment for a giant dickhead.

That reminds me of when I was first getting into Spacebuild. I didn’t have a (decently functional) ship, so I asked a fighter pilot to team up with me. He told me I could be of service by engaging in some Super Tactical Black Ops to soften up a nearby planet base while he fuelled up his ship to go attack it.

The Super Tactical Black Ops consisted of me hurling myself through space towards the planet, running into the control room, and repeatedly turning off the Life Support button while the owner of the base requested me to “FUCKING STOP IT”. This culminated in me being chased around the base with a SMG as I toggled every switch in sight. After being killed for a third time, the base owner began to type out a lengthy insult, but halfway through his base was blown to smithereens by a hail of laser blasts from the fuelled-up fighter that had just entered orbit, leaving him standing in a pile of rubble while I waved my crowbar at him.