Funniest/Stupidest Gamemodes

I currently have a server and I want to put the craziest gamemodes on it so any gamemodes that are odd feel free to list them. Thanks

Vanilla DarkRP/TTT

pffffft who would play that crazy shit

Something that i’d like to see is storm chasers. It was around back a couple years too and it was fun then, i think theres only one server up now as far as that gamemode goes. Its a lot of fun if you’re into it or want to mess around but theres not alot of servers up

PERP RP.:poot:

Why not just play dark rp?

You’ll either find long download times, donor admins who will mess you day up, or badly run communities x10. At least in PERP RP they don’t stray too far from the gamemode itself

Your right. When I was playing dark rp with my friend on a NEW server I thought it would be nice…but I was wrong :cry: it had over 200 addons…:nope:

If you want a fast-paced, ridiculous deathmatch experience, I suggest GMDM. It’s been fixed along with other fretta gamemodes if I remember correctly.

sorry exploderguy

Fprp has changed my life, don’t make fun of it or you make fun of me!

Looks like shit sorry exploderguy :surrender:

fprp is a custom and unique DarkRP experince

Wasn’t there an American Idol themed gamemode, Gmod Idol or something. There’s a lot of neat Fretta gamemodes you could try but a lot are probably broken.

you mean gidol

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