Funniest Thing That Happened to You in Gmod?

Hi, I felt like posting this since I found it hilarious, and I was wondering what other funny moments you all have had in gmod, well here’s my story;

We were on my server running DarkRP, when this hobo comes into my food store, he was a robber according to his job, but I didn’t care because he was a stinky hobo. So as I was setting up the food display, I was spawning edible oranges, so when he walks in I start throwing the oranges at him. Before you know it we’re having a food fight, and I eventually throw enough oranges at him he dies from it. Needless to say, I thought that RP without guns would be boring. I was wrong, who needs bullets when you’ve got oranges? XD

I stalked a police officer while crouching. (DarkRP)
And stole a homeless’s house.

Being Civi Protection in DarkRP, we raided a house with over 5 cops just to have the money printers explode and kill half of us. (In the moment of attempting to look “awesome”)


someone in darkrp took the mayor hostge and i tried to save the mayor but got killed over an over again good time good times.

Friend: Drive me to the city.
Me: Sure.
** Friend starts wanking ** (/me command)
Me: lolwut

Other then that, other cool stuff has happened. CBA to try and remember them though.

Well once I picked up a barney ragdoll and it landed on alyx in a rape-fashion.

Looked just like a porn scene

got random banned for 1 minits

Hmm, I think I was that mayor…

Anyway basically most of my experiences with the TTT gamemode, ah yes, so much laughter, yet so much betrayal.

In GM racer, I fell into a meet grinder, but my car did not blow up in the grinder, it struggled in their for 7 minutes, then actually flipped back out into the arena, only to run into another car back on track, and land into their mine.

I exploded.
Nothing more.

Thats horrible!

I was on one of the servers Djy1991 attacked with Billy Mays. :v:

My friend got 1 million from some admin in DarkRP bought enough money printers to crush us in the large room we were hiding in. Eventually they started to burn and explode but they also had the door blocked off. Let’s just say the server went down for a while

once in TnB we were in a JW and as the CPs lined us all up to be checked an APC comes ramming down the steet and kills us all.

o wait…

Haha, lucky you!

But for me? Everything and anything fun has happened on Dispenser’s Hide and Seek listen server.

I typed kill in console, died, and got set on fire.

i made a c4 clusterfuck bomb and started advanced duplicating it everywhere
set it off and crashed the server
when i rejoined i got banned for 3 days

I was on cupathingy and the cops were beating down everyone. The mob and the thevies got weapons and ran through downtown killing cp’s, Achrny!