Funny and strange things that have happened to you

This has probably been done before but I’m worried if I bump an old thread I may get into trouble or something. So I won’t.

Anyways what are some weird and funny things that have happened to you?

I have a few.

– In one map I somehow managed to … Not sure how to explain it, but its like the skybox exploded, and there were fires all over the map. Haven’t been able to replicate it since.
– In one of the Episode 2 maps, the scripting worked up to a point and then it got stuck. So just for fun I began spawning enemy NPCs and chucking grenades around and then after a while the screen went blank. The only thing I can think of is that it was one of those reloads you get when you let an important friendly NPC die.
– Half-Life 2 maps. Antlion Guards in the trainstation = half the NPCs running around panicking and the other half walking by calmly as though this happens every day.
– I find it fun to spawn a big construction plate, freeze in midair, put NPCs on it, and then unfreeze it. They stay in midair for a few moments and then fall, like a cartoon. (It doesn’t take much to keep me amused.) But once somehow they managed to stay in midair. Then one of the Alyxs (which weirdly seem extremely prone to death by physics as compared to other NPCs) randomly died. (Perhaps it was clipping with the skybox/world/map or something? not sure)
– Dozens and dozens of antlions leaping off a cliff to their death in the water below. It made me think of lemmings or something.
– I was using a console code to make a dropship with a troop container. (Ive since figured out how to add it into the spawnmenu.) It spawned inside a shed that was just a little too small for it and I couldn’t get it out.
– Using the model manipulator to change a city scanner into … well just about anything can produce hilarious results. Flying trains, anyone? (Also, using the manipulator to change the NPC model to a different type of NPC completely can produce some really strange behaviors). (Also, the city scanner actually looks pretty cool with the model for a Combine Advisor. If only that camera flash was a screen-warping-thingy instead. Maybe someone who can lua better than me can give it a shot.)

(I’m feeling a little better than I have been – less grammar errors if you notice.)