Funny (experimental) rust moment!

and that is why live looting needs to be nerfed a little bit lol

Maybe closing the menu if your cross hair and distance are not correct would be fine. This was funny.

Maybe make it so you can ONLY loot the items inside the inventory, not items that are on the players hot-bar (Items in use), and not clothes that are on the player (their clothes bar). Id even take it a step further and say you should only be able to loot awake players from behind them (any angle if they are asleep). Even if they are sleeping, restrict the available loot to their inventory, and not their clothes/hot-bar. Realistically trying to undress someone while they are sleeping would probably wake them up, but obviously they are not going to wake up in Rust unless they log back in.

Of course I don’t view this as a top priority, there are many other bugs/features I would like to see worked on first. This is just a feature I would like to see toned down a bit from how it currently is by the time the game is finished (or near finished).

see i personally would allow players to loot from the hotbar, but not currently equipped gear. stuff being worn or held in hand is going to be basically impossible to take if both people are equally strong and skilled; and given we are all nekkids, i would expect us to be practically average in every way.

i agree with looting from behind only when awake, and only within a certain range(like it is currently). i would also suggest a looting animation for when you are looking in their gear, and consider a transfer delay based on how much stuff you are taking. but yeah, not top priority, just a tweak needed so you can’t ninja a guys gun outta their hands when they are trying to shoot you.

hahaha that was funny

“You want some of this rock, bitch?” Too funny…

As you can see rock battles taking place through a window are pretty intense until one mans rock gets taken by the other.

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Here is another moment I found funny from legacy:

legends !!

Yeah can’t really be called pickpocketing when you steal whatever is in that person’s hand haha.

To be honest I think there’s should be a kind of timer, for example you have to hold the loot button for 3 seconds to get in and when he moves you will be thrown out of his inventory.