Funny Garry's Mod Video's lie here

If your looking for funny Garry’s Mod videos or funny Trolling in Terrorist Town Videos, then look no further. You have stumbled upon my video hole of funnys.
My Youtube name is Skippy647 but some of you may know me as The Domis.
Check this stuff out and if you like it, please share it. I can’t express my appreciation through mere text on the internets. Just know it means a lot. :smiley:

You made an account just to tell us that you are one of the jerkoffs who goes around pissing off players on TTT/DarkRP servers. Yay.
For server owners who just want to pre-emptively ban him from their servers:

Dude, I play on one server and one server only. Both the owners of the server and the people I play with on that server like me. Way to do your research. Thank you for your ignorance.

What ignorance? How are we supposed to know that they like you? Why would we spend hours of time sifting through servers just to ask a few players, who may not even know you, if they like you, when we already know, based on what you’ve said yourself, that you piss about and mess with people in TTT? The video is dumb and you joined just to advertise, in the wrong section of all things.

Please lurk more and learn how to post, or leave forever, your choice. Stop acting like an idiot.


I rdm like a mother fucker too with him. You should ban me as well.


OK hello there. I am co-owner of the Server he plays on. We like him… And hes not so much as a troll, as other trolls that go server to server and annoy people. He does funny things, and has videos of funny things that happen on out servers.

Its ignorant because it says I play on one server. If they didn’t like me, they wouldnt play with me… resulting in my ban. (which has not happened) You dont have to sift through servers asking people because its on my youtube page where I have linked it. And I have more than one video so “The video is dumb” comment can go straight up your ass because no one knows what the fuck your talking about. Thats how your ignorant. Good to know that most of the community on facepunch have an extra chromosome.

omg this domis guy is such a publicity whore…
man he plays on this TTT server alot :
also he plays on this darkrp server :

I hate publicity whores.

BTW check out my youtube channel

Anyway The Domis you’re pathetic


What the fuck

It’s like I’ve gone back in time when I was 12. I remember when my old Youtube channel used to look like that.

(User was banned for this post ("Image macro" - Craptasket))

You honestly should lurk. FP isn’t keen on rage-faces and reaction images (which are bannable, snip it if you want to). And rating everyone who gives you criticism dumb isn’t going to make you stand out as anything more than annoying.