Funny lil' bug idea

Let me cut right to the chase. I have no experience in C# and I would like to learn.
I am not begging for a key or anything like that i just wanted to write this down somewhere.
My idea is very simple:

  1. Learn the basics of C# even if it takes forever
  2. Make a small entity that moves around using a boid technique
  3. Attach a light to that entity, give it a little grub model

Final product:
Funny lil’ light grub that moves in groups


Hey, I’d recommend codeacademy if you are serious on getting into C# Development, should give you a boost on getting started. I’ll see if I can find the post that links all the other resources too.

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Check out Everything you might need to know for S&Box and take a look at the C# header.

Hey! If you got small posts about what you plan to work on I suggest you post in the WAYMO thread. We’re trying to make sure threads don’t spam the forums. Thanks!

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The forums are for discussion. I had an idea and I thought i might make a topic out of it. If it’s REALLY a huge impact in your day I can take it down :slight_smile:

Sure thing. The topic was about coding so I thought I’d put it in the coding forum.

Not a huge thing, nothing on this forum is but it’s just nice to limit incoming threads cause we’ve had alot of them recently. At the end of the day, I’m not a moderator, I’m only a user so if you want to keep using this thread you can, I’d just suggest you use the WAYMO thread instead.

Alrighty, I will next time.

No thread is too much. I do not think there were too many incoming threads at all (only 30-50 or so?). And I see no problem with this being an own thread

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