Funny Lua Scripting (Cus of April fools Lua'ing)

Hey Guys i can agree we all had fun April 1’st Sadly the April Fools Lua’ing Thread’s Best One’s was after April The 1st So i decided to make this thread, Cause who doesent Like to Make funny scripts with lua

April Fools Lua’ing Thread: Click Here (Has some Funny Lua Scripts)

Feel Free To Reply With any of youre funny Scripts, Have fun

It Wont Be as Funny If It Isn’t on April 1st Because most of Those “Funny Scripts” were just Being Assholes to Server Owners and At Least they Can Expect It on That Day.

[editline] memes [/editline]

I think I lost some IQ writing like that

Yea but it would be fun to actully experiment with diffrent things then Have fun with it on April The First

stop please