Funny posts

Hey guys!! I made this thread because there are many funny people here who post pretty funny posts. So why don’t we keep this thread alive by filling it up with stupid words like this one i created. And do not post ur own stupid posts.

Here are some of them i found.

GeForce 2 is a DX7 card.
A GeForce 2?!!!
Isn’t that from like, 01’ or something?

my gmod sucks i have only 504 mb of ram and my graphics card is pentium® 4 cpu and 2.80GHZ

480 MB?! This is not the stone age, pal. Get a new computer if you want to game ASAP, because your current one is a piece of absolute sh**.
pgrade your fu***** ram thats what R.A.M is for also you need a better cpu because source games are very cpu intense games fu***** jesus everyone knows that

This thread is so retarded that its funny, so I guess that counts.

What’s up with the amount of retards in this section?

I suggest you refrain from posting, to see how others post around here. This thread IS in the wrong section, however, this is is the correct section. You see, there are other sections in the forum other than the garrysmod section, I suggest you check them out. However, a good thing to remember is general discussion is for well thought out threads that you DISCUSS things, however post your and question threads belong in fast threads.

also rate me informative i need approval over the internet.

This section is predomanetly republican.

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