Funny qustion

Hello guys first post in here and with a question that might will get the blood boiling for a few.

alright here we go

if you could donate to a server and pay 1 USD so almiost no money to get the following things ingame in rust.

  • 20000 x metal fragments
    -1x bolt action rifle + blue print
    -100 x high velocity ammo + blueprint
    -1x blueprint on explosive

Is it fair? is it even legal? and would you do it?

Keep it clean in comments please im just checking things out

Its not to make money from it.

Its so you can have a better server with lower cost.

There’s many people that frown upon transactions like that but personally I can understand it if it helps the server owner pay for the server. It also could encourage more people to PvP because they can buy themselves some help getting the necessary tools to do so. Maybe get rid of the explosive blueprint though, just my personal opinion.

I think 1 USD is fair for the things you offer, it’s definitely legal as far as I know. Would I do it? Probably not coz of personal principles but 1 USD isn’t much. If the server is really really good and enjoyable I might consider it.

I can understand a server owner doing this, offering incentives to contribute to server costs and owners time. However, I personally wouldn’t play on a server with a “play to win” ethos, but some might. I’m not lawyer, but I can’t imagine there is anything illegal about it.

youre Question wasn`t funny at all ._.

the cost is not an issue, in fact you could probably charge about $3 and still have buyers. but i wouldn’t play anywhere that did this, and i personally wouldn’t purchase resources/guns for money in rust.

Its more like a thank you for supporting the server gift :slight_smile:

Sooo…pay to win?

Hell no.

Okay Thanks for your opinion.

I will take it with me further on :slight_smile:

It’s more like a way to monetize people who don’t want to achieve their materials in a survival game. Even though I don’t play Rust, I’ve always avoided servers like this as if it were the plague.


I have no idea why anyone would even question whether or not this is legal, but I wouldn’t set foot on a server with pay-to-win players. There are hundreds of other servers out there – I’d just go find another one.

that’s a matter of perspective. i don’t care that people do it, i just don’t have any interest in being involved in a server that offers paid benefits, regardless of how they are phrased. but do it if it makes you happy/your population happy/supports your server costs.

If you remove the c4 explosive blueprint it would be better because then it wouldn’t be as much pay-to-win, that shit really scares people off. If it’s just bullets/guns it’ll just encourage people to PvP more and 1 gun and some ammo really won’t win you the server. Make sure there’s a maximum of 1 kit per player.

I am not sure how oxide mods work atm, but tags next to someones name/special colored names. And or their own teamspeak channel for their friends would be a better way to go for donation items. It does also seem like there will soon by a way to have server specific cosmetic items that you could put in a kit, if there isn’t an oxide mod for it already.

I avoid servers that do the whole shady p2w server scheme on other games, and i would hate to be speaking for an audience larger then the i believe exists but im totally down to help pay for server costs(if the server is good, reliable, and admin interaction doesn’t happen outside of standard game parameters), but i wouldn’t look for a server that has purchasable kits that effect gameplay like the guns+bps.