Funny Screenshots Mostly Involving Alyx and Vortigaunt Ear-rape

probably unoriginal

When you die…

Hate Crime

More Hate Crime

Also probably not original

Vortigaunt Ear-rape (who says sex poses aren’t funny anymore?)

some content censored for obvious reasons

yo from where is the ronald mcdonald skin tell me please

SharpShark’s character mod

Stupid faceposes are not funny
Fart/poop jokes are not funny
Racism is not funny
Vortigaunt rape isn’t funny either.

“probably unoriginal” - No, it is VERY unoriginal.

“when you die…” Please, I beg of you. DO NOT believe everything in South Park or the Internet.

“Hate Crime” - That is not funny.

“More hate crime” - You’re sick.

“Also probably unoriginal” - No, also VERY unoriginal.

“Vortigaunt ear rape” - Please…keep the picture to yourself.

I say it.

Your definition of ‘funny’ clashes with mine. I hope this doesn’t get in the way of my mild dislike of you. :3:

These are not funny too then…

Get out.


THESE are not funny:

Ok either this is some waked up joke or your just trying to hard, please at least try (i highly stress the word try) to think of something original or just don’t do posing at all. I’m sorry but this is the truth.

Most of this is original. Where else have you seen Eli crapping and chainsawing his daughter? Or a vortigaunt cum-shooting alyx halfway across the room? Or hardcore ear rape? I am thinking of lowering the gratuity a bit. Thanks for all your comments. Now I know exactly where too far is.

In the mind of an eight year old with no friends.

And if you’re gonna make sexposes, make them a little more tasteful, not all of us have a shit fetish like you.:

We don’t like your kind 'round these here parts

I said I’m turning down the grossness next time, and when did I say I had a fetish for any of this? I just thought it was funny because it’s so messed up…

Well, I just thought it was not so funny because it’s so messed up. It’s not so much it was gross(which it was) it’s more that it’s completely tasteless and unoriginal. It’s been done before umpteen times.

It won’t be as gross ever again, I promise.
I’m sorry.

It’s cool, bra.

fantastic work shiznit

thank you for the link dude


you dudes tell me if the ct-lunch at ragdoll poses is cool

so this isn’t funny?

and by the way, THIS is a sex pose…