Funny story about an attempted trolling today...

So, I was the focus of an attempted bot troller today. I could tell he was botting since he knew who I was from like 100 yards away (through a building) and he was calling out my name, and also all triple m4 head shot deaths with full Kevlar. He was also using a name with just a symbol in it kind of like the enter symbol but sideways. Anyways, he killed me like 5 times when I was trying to get him back at my sniper tower I built…no chance against the aim bot. So he decides to break into my groups house down the hill. He starts c4ing everything even sleeping bags. I keep running back over and over because I have many sleeping bags planted around for just this reason. I keep going back and telling him hes bad and cant play without a bot.

SO, he is trying to get into our upper floors now (just a huge maze). Still C4ing everything, and I am still running back every 30 seconds. After about the 5th run back I run in to the upper levels and I hear more C4s going off on our doors. I find the botter dead on the ground with a whole bag of c4 and my crap. Blew himself up…lol. He hasn’t come back. I am sure he is feeling really stupid right now.

Doubtful. You play with hackers. Probably a cover story.