funny things that happened to you in rp

there was a rdming guy i forget his name, and he was sniping me with the OP sniper. There were 2 people in front of me. I dashed behind the first person as a meatshield, and he shot that person and he/she died. I dashed to the other who was closer and he shot that person and he/she died. I ran at him running strafing left and right, shooting him with my ar3. he died. it was funny because i had used 2 people not in the fight as meatshields.

In the end, i ran around and he managed to find me. i had stolen his sniper, so i was on the hill. When i say find me i mean run by my sorta. he didnt see me. I scoped, he was running, and BLAM he was on the floor. I stood over his body triumphantly. and walked away discarding the ammo-less sniper on his body.

Lol he both RDMed and broke the NLR and you still killed him…twice. Hehe funny.


the fuck. Also, one for the road:

“There’s no such thing as an AR3…”
“Well see, in the city, the place was lousy with AR3s”
“No it wasn’t”
“Yes it was”
“No it wa- sighs

Good times. Shitty story. Nice job.

2 words. Hobo revolution.

While playing on a city 18 Rp server I was elected mayor of the city. Needless to say I started a reign of terror: Guns, drugs, and even jaywalking became illegal. My messages and fearsome image was scattered across the airwaves via an RT Camera and many screens. I had my CP’s and swat teams murder anyone who even carried a gun, right in the street. After several failed assassination attempts they all got together and voted that I should be removed from power, the fools. I lost my power and was demoted to a humble hobo, from where I threw shit at anybody who walked past my newly founded cardboard kingdom.

In the server I was playing on I was taken hostage by 2 dumbasses. Apparently one of the server rules is that hostages must follow all orders from the hostage takers and these 2 idiots decided to ask me for 5000 dollars, which I did not have. After I told them I could not pay them they got up in my face about how they were going to get me banned, and make a topic on the server’s forum to get me banned.

I decided to call their bluff started to egg them on, telling them to make the topic and get me banned, and laughing in their faces when they tried to convince me to give them the money. It became pretty clear that they were making empty threats.

Eventually, some mob member heard the commotion from outside the door and broke it down and started taking shots at them while hiding behind the door, I began to pace in front of the hostage takers, preventing them from fireing. In the end I was able to stumble down the stairs and out the door where a man broke the ropes they had tied my with loose. I can recall about 6-7 times after this where I heard them say in OOC chat that “____ should be banned, hes not followinh rule 9!!!” only to have the admins ignore them. All in all, it was an interesting day.

So this RDMer/prop spammer was constantly trapping people in PHX tubes while shooting people with a shotgun from his own tube,which he constantly opened and closed.So as a cop,I stood right behind him while running against the tube.The second the tube opened I ran in and beat him half to death with the arrest stick.
A few seconds later,he shouted “HACKER!”,only to get laughed at by the witnesses.