Funny trick

I just noticed that if you type bind e “ent_fire !picker use” into the console, you can open doors on a map that are far away, could be fun to mess with people in RP or something, just open the shop door, but no one’s there…=b Also, does what the old E does, so it’s good.

I thought you couldn’t do “ent_fire” commands in the console without cheats being on. I could be wrong though.

I don’t think so, because I’m pretty sure with certain commands, such as bind, if you do them with sv_cheats 0, they stay from map to map, but if you do them with sv_cheats 1, they only work for that one map. I’ts just what I’ve experienced.

It works in SP without cheats IIRC… I couldn’t get any ent_fire commands to work in MP though

ent_fire is a cheat so it can’t be used in MP without sv_cheats being 1.

Ah, that’s a shame…meh, still good in SP or comics