Funny way to kick hackers

EDIT: Patched as of 9/12/13

If someone already posted this, sorry but I couldn’t find it.

--Server sided code
ply:SendLua( "AddConsoleCommand( \"sendrcon\" )" )

--Client side code
AddConsoleCommand( "sendrcon" )

This code will make the following error message on the player of your choice.

Enjoy fucking with hackers.

I just repeatedly call some function that makes their FPS drop to 0 so it’s a hassle to close the program.

haha ty a lot, this is genuis

how does this work do i put it in server or console sorry im a newb to this stuff

are you that guy who owns mysteryturtlegaming

I don’t like to kick them. I like to fuck them up. Popup screamers are sure to do something.

no i dont even know what the hell that is

HaHa Nice Try But No Its Not Going To Work Skiddie I Have SuccessFully DeToured All __MetaTable Functions So This No Longer Effects Me Or Any Of The Hera CusTomers

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i planned on doing something like this, making a permspray on admin room and tp them to the location and play screamo on their client while they cant move mouse cant move etc, how did you do it

Drawing a panel disable key and mouse inputs

How does this even work? Did garry (or valve maybe) make that command crash with that message?

im kind of curious how this works too

spawn client side models directly in-front of the player unless their fps is lower than 2
fun times

My guess is that garry hard coded this into the game after someone made a hack using sendrcon as a console command. Valve did not put it in because it is only found in the AddConsoleCommand function in client.dll and, oddly enough, server.dll. Someone could ask garry.

I’d have done this

  1. Unbindall
  2. Sensitivity 0
  3. Set input f, s, q, alt "Suicide; say i suck a bag of dicks
  4. Set input z, u, x, p, f6 and 5 "suicide; say i am a dumb nigger
  5. Every time they join after about 5 minutes they crash with a error message HL2 uses so they can never figure out whats wrong. Mod the message so that if you read it right it says “PENIS” like “ERROR CODE: #P3N1S
  6. If they don’t get the message, send them to 15 different shock websites at once.

(un)bind commands through Lua are blocked.

Nice find, but I bet that Garry will remove it from there asap.

That would be a shame if he did.

I like to just ply:Remove() them clientside.

Things get so weird when your player entity gets removed. They’ll quit. (at which point you ban them.)

They’ll probably think the hax they bought caused it and think twice about using them again.

You don’t need to do it clientside. Doing it serverside works just as fine. And you’re sure they’ll get removed.