FunRust PvP/Sleepers|New 1/18/14|Oxide|DoorSharing|Rare Kev/C4

Brand New Server as of 1/18/14!
Join Instantly using: net.connect

Current Features/Commands:

Oxide: Popular rust addon allowing to share doors and use commands.
Oxmin: Can limit an admin’s powers so they can’t teletport or spawn in items.
/who: See how many players are connected.
/list: Get names of connected players.
/history: See chat history if you missed something.
/share and /unshare: Control who does and doesn’t have access to your doors.
Rare Kevlar/C4: Kevlar Armor and C4(Explosive Charges) Have been removed from towns and zombie drops. They are only found in airdrops and cannot be crafted. This is to prevent one group from controlling the map and massive raiding so others can have fun.
75% Craft: Items take only 75% the normal time to craft.
Groups and PMing: Create groups and talk privately with group members.
Minimum 10 players for airdrops. Will be increased if server gets more popular.

ZERO Admin Abuse. If the server gets more popular I will carefully pick admins which will not be given permission to spawn items in and abuse their powers(Thanks to Oxmin).
The only admin is Moy for now.

The server is new and I am open to suggestions. I am willing to rent a mumble/teamspeak server if requested.