Furnace/Fire Place Bug Report [Disappearing]

This is the 3rd time my furnace and fireplace disappear, randomly, just log back in the next day and poff gone.

—> Havnt been raided, all things are intact, all items are left, but the furnace and fireplace disappear and the items within them ofc.

My theory is if i build them to close to rock they maybe bug-out?
Or some code is screwing with them.

Experience: It’s very rare and random, happend “only” 3 times o.O

EDIT: Saw it’s the same on workbench…
Do these items disappear under any conditions? if not standing on a fundation they pass through the ground or something?

Is this happening in a metal or wood house?

1 time i built it in the open.
1 time inside my base.
1 time when building a base without doors placed.

And once again not raided for ensuring it’s not player caused.

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Found on wiki that in specific campfire are destroyed after 2 hours if not lit.

If this is applied to furnaces it’s very weird, if u are gone a ½ a day or 1 day all the shit u put in it disappear into thin air, dont make any sense o.O

I understand that if things are placed on the ground it could happend but on a foundation? :confused:

I just have the same bug.
Furnace and camp fire just disappearing in my wodden home (behind rocks).
Yesterday the same on a workbench in a shelter :s