Furnace glitch

I am new to this game, and I have no idea where to post this. Don’t know if this is a known bug or what not. But here I go.

Yesterday me and some friends were building our shelter, and put a furnace on the 2nd floor, it was just enough from the wall so you can walk between it and the wall. But I noticed a glitch when I walked past, my character bounced just a little bit. so I backed up and walked past it again. And guess what. I flew around a 100 meters into the air and died when I landed. I had a sleeping bag, so I just spawned again, and waited a bit for the sleeping bag cooldown, then I tired this again, and my friends too, and we were all able to repeat this glitch and it just depended on how we walked past the furnace, how far we shot, we were able to go just enough up to land on the 3rd floor.
So maybe this is something that is known. If not then this is something that has to be fixed. This could be exploited quite a bit.

I have built a roof over my furnace(since this was dangerous if it happened unintentionally), and I didn’t think of making a video or something like that to show the devs how it happened … but now I just bounce off the ceiling …

But once again. If this is a known issue, sorry about my completely useless post :wink:

I remember that last time i experienced this, about 2 months ago, you would die it you hit the ceiling instantly. At least you no longer die, gave me and my friend quite a shock when i just die from walking on the furnace.

Sounds like an awful glitch, buy my god that must be funny to a bystander to see your friend just shoot into the sky.