Furnace Problem

I placed 250 Metal Ore into a furnace with 250 wood and turned it on, the furnace filled up with metal fragments, charcoal, and sulfur, but once each slot was full at 250 maxed, the metal ore kept smelting down but the fragments vanished. Any ideas?

must have available spots for additional charcoal to go…or the fire will turn off or waste materials.

take it out once it reaches 250 so that you can continue smelting additonal materials

It’d be nice if the furnace turned off when it was full, but it just keeps burning your rocks and making nothing from them.

I have multiple furnaces and split up my resources between them so I don’t have this issue.

Exactly, once the furnace is full, it should shut off. Not keeping cooking endlessly and screwing you over.

I didn’t know wood just automatically stopped burning when the furnace got full, weird wood doesn’t think :S

This is the same issue where if you craft something with no inventory space, the materials are consumed but you receive nothing. Would be nice to simply cancel it out as OP says.

Exactly! I wonder if we can post this somewhere in a bug section or recommend it to the trello?

To Twitter!

How is this a bug lol. Think real life people, this makes no sense to add into the game. Stop being lazy and figure out how much it can store before you overload it.

Well try to keep in mind this is a game aswell. But lets say a furnace has 9 slots, you put your wood, sulphur ore and metal ore inside and oxygen in the remaining 6 slots, you burn till you have 2x metal fragment piles, 2x sulphur and 2x charcoal, at which point there is no longer any oxygen to fuel the fire, and its suffocated and burns out.

Thats closer to “real life” example than disappearing materials.

I agree, it should shut off!

if im not entirly mistaken im 100% positive previous patches it shutted down, same as with camp fire.

When it got full and there was no space it just stopped working you could click start but it just lighted up for a second max.

I Think this a bug that came with last patch, its alpha you know, same as weapon crates with 0 loot, and other things.

So you ppl say its intentional please dont talk if you dont have a clue this is a bugg that came with last patch.

Exactly! It’s alpha! I’m just curious about this issue!