Furnaces glowing through walls

Isn’t there anyway to fix this? If I’m in my base with my furnace running, (without any windows) people outside (miles away) should not be able to see the glow from the furnace.

Another thing that really bugs me about the game… Why are walls now so expensive and provide very little defense? I see major changes as far as adding offense weapons but defenses still suck! Especially since you can’t completely surround your base with barricades because you still have to get in and out yourself. Nothing but abandoned houses everywhere!

  1. If you have wooden walls then light can emmit outside, because there are holes in the wooden wall
    But i noticed that even on stone walls the light shines through, so you are right.

  2. just build a little base with 2 doors (1x1) in between the barricades

Agreed on the light coming through the walls. That’s rather ridiculous when you think about it.

As for the upgrade cost, I think that smaller parts like pillars, triangles, doors, doorways, windows and window bars should cost less to both build and upgrade than foundations, floors and walls. To me, it would be a better to make those cost less.

Yea, some of the material costs make no sense.

Armored costs for instance just add’s 500HP compared to stone but you need 500 metal ( = raw ore + wood + processing time ). Add to that the pillars upgrading to armored is the same costs as a entire wall???

I always found that:

Foundation needs to be high cost but also higher HP then walls!! Its a entire 4 wall + top and is the most essential part of your building. It being the same HP as a wall makes no sense.
Wall needs to be 100% cost.
Pillar needs to be 30% cost.
Doorway needs to be 50% cost.
Window needs to be 70% cost.
Window frames need to be 20% MAX. That one is just ridiculous also how much it costs.
… Based upon the material you actually need is a much better way and may help people focus on more cost efficient building.

And frankly, Armored need to be 4 C4, not 3. It makes no sense to portray a 500/1000 Hit point amount where as it takes 2 for stone but 3 for armored. Just confuses new players.

I’m with concerning the furnace shining through closed walls! Plz fix that.

I don’t agree.

Its pretty easy to realise that 1c4 does something around 340-350 dmg to a wall so a 500 hp stonewall would need 2 c4 but a 1000 hp armourwall just needs another one (3). In my eyes, c4 is well balanced to armored wall. I am a defender myself and I had to learn that making c4 is a pain in the ass … if you build your house in a good way, the raiders are going to need something between 15-25 c4 and that my friend isn’t funny to make


For the glowing problem, if you have ever built a wall of stones yourself you’d realise that it is nearly impossible to stack random stones perfectly onto each other so that light will be completely blocked. It’s another thing if you add earth or mud or what ever inbetween the stones, but as I look on the actual stonewalls in rust like they are right now, there is no mud/earth…

How else are we going to know which bases are worth raiding? :wink:

Did you check how long lanterns burn now?

Made raiders waste quite allot of c4 to get into some fake bases,

ssk-oru, who is talking about c4 being used on stone walls? Half the time the stone walls are broken by pick axe.

Neil, you’re right about that. But that’s a little to easy. :confused:

DC, mind if I borrow that ideal? lol I know just the people to use it on. lol

About 11h (real time) with 1000 wood last I checked a while back. And yes, they make a great light source for empty decoy bases.