Furnaces not providing comfort

I know it was intended that furnaces would now be a source of heat to give you comfort. Was this supposed to be enabled in this update? Because if it was, it’s not working.

It was working on the dev branch a few days ago, and then I noticed it wasn’t. Too bad, it was great if you live in the snowy mountains.

Confirmed, furnaces are NOT providing comfort…

correct i find the same

It’s not a huge deal. We still have our camp fires. But I’d heard that it was working on the dev branch a few days back, so just bringing it up in case it was meant to work but broke in the patch.

Id personally like fires/ furnaces to do a really simplified insulation check when placed.

Check in a radius around the fire how many ceilings there are. Set the fires warming radius based on the number of ceilings Every time a ceiling is built it would update the radius of any campfires a few meters away.

I’m tired of freezing my balls off walking down my stairs.

the heat radius yes but not the light it spreads all over the map and shows were u are at night ,i feel the light should be contained to the room its put in

I thought it was contained based on how dynamic shadows cast themselves. Is this an issue with lights rendering before buildings you are talking about?