Do they decay?

I do not think they decay on wood.

ive had the same one since about a week ago so no i dont think they decay dont quote that though i could log in and it could be gone tomorrow. however ive had my workbench disapear on me and a few large strong boxes

I believe if your housefloor decays, your furnace will too.
Also it might decay if you’re not using it for a while, and in a while I mean like a week or so, but not if you’re active on the server, using the furnace often… no.

the decay thing is a little glytchy at this moment cuz my house around 5 days now doesnt decay walls/doors/foundation/ceiling the only thing that decay’s is woodspikes only this … but i ve seen in the same server foundations broke cuz of the decay so yeah i think it’s really glytchy for now :smiley: also i think furnace and workbench doesnt decay… cuz from my personal exp i never repair them

I remember reading on one post someone saying that every time you walk into your house the decaying process resets. So if you were to log in everyday you wouldn’t have to worry about your house or anything on the foundation decaying. I believe someone else brought up the subject of trying to place spikes on the foundation connected to their house so those would not decay either. Not 100% on any of that though. :slight_smile:

ok, thanks guys.

I think that’s true cuz that explain why not all my spikes decaying… the only spikes that decay are on the grass the other spikes that i have on top of my ceiling doesnt decay so yeah that’s explain at least my decay on my house