Furniture models

Hey guys,

I’m wondering if there are any furniture models available for the source engine, trying to make a map but there’s a huge lack of nice clean furniture to use.


That’s a trickey one Do you want it as .gma or folder? There are scenebuild packs in here. And you can download few from workshop…

Modern or vintage/old?

This pack is pretty handy, although I’d be careful browsing the guys other uploads as some are NSFW.

Those look great, I’m after modern ones which these are by the looks of it. Cheers

I could perhaps make some modern model pack, but I am shit with textures and they give me headache, I was thinking of IKEA style furniture - just colored and phong reflections.

Sounds good man, the map i’m making is pretty much a Nightclub so stylish furniture is what I’m after. If you need me to help with texturing I can give it a go, getting good with UV Mapping.

Sorry for the bump, but I’m still after some modern furniture and I’m having a hard time finding some. I found a sims pack but I need more! Any ideas?

Contagion has very good Furniture models

Indeed they do, extracting now!