furry alyx skin

hi folks, i’ve wanted (i’m probably not the only one) a furry alyx skin
both one with alyx clothes and a nude alyx fur
would be great guys (and girls)




Y…Yes I think you… You really are the only person who would want this…

Not gonna happen.

No. I don’t think so.


What was that groo? Schnops? i’d like some schnops…

First Alyx as a man, now this?

Is this section having a retarded seizure?

Sure looks that way.

You can shove a two foot thick dildo up her ass and force her to deepthroat the horse statue, but turning her into a fur? That’s just cruel.

I’ll see what I can do if it takes you people to stop with the silly requests…

It’s spelled Schnapps ^.^

Dear god, I hope you’re joking.

Wow people act like assholes to furry people but never act that way to people who like BDSM pissing or anything in that such. Way to go. Furry is a fetish just like the other ones are deal with it. but anyways I seen a furry pic of Alyx before PIC not model. Go look for that :v:

It’s just so wrong to judge someone on their fetishes :uhoh:

And why post in here? If you don’t like it ignore it. Simple and no one gets hurt :wink:


Kinda on the same note, but am I the only person who thinks it’s funny that this topic, which is about furries, is categorized as politics?

The Internet is full of unfunny bandwagon jumping kids. What do you expect. Also, I can normal map Alyx, but I can’t really do reskins very well. I think you need sharpshark28 for this job. I’ve seen his awesome CSS furry hands reskins before.

Quite frankly, and i think the rest of the board here is with me on this, but fuck furries. Fuck em hard.

You mean this? :v:


I’m not really a fan of these furrified characters, but I think it catches Alyx’s person quite effectively.