Furry GIGN playermodel

(please no negative comments about my life choises, we are all people and have feelings and im not asking your opinion on this im asking for your help if you can great! if not dont comment unless its positive)

I saw the Furry gign model and was wondering why there isnt a player model for it. I know that there are very VERY few furry player models out there but most of them are cartoony or just…ew. so i was wondering if anyone could turn the Furry GIGN model into a player model it has very human qualities so im hoping that it will be easy for whoever is nice enough to help


Oh… God.

Why do people request furry things when Facepunch despises them?

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the OP" - Jaanus))

if there are any other furry player models please link them here ( please no nudity, no renamon, and no lucario)


some one cant read

also cant read

unless you can help with the player model DO NOT COMMENT
i dont want support after 2 years you learn to deal with it

the also does not pertain to the player model

even though facepunch is full of grammar nazis people cant read

Facepunch is a person?

I dunno i’m not big on furries but i don’t think the peoples who post in the model section have to follow a certain “code” of what “the forum” deem apropriate or not?

nice, planning on making a furry “bomb squad” or something?

I would laugh if i saw a “tactical police cop” featuring anthro models :smiley:

well im really tired of seeing the cartoony models (renamon/lucario) and the very nasty ones

:suicide: Furries.

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the OP" - Jaanus))


Good luck trying to find someone to help you, it’s rare to actually have someone from this community not be like the above.

Personally, as long as furries and anime fanatics stay away from the cool stuff (Halo, Gears of War, COD, Etc) I don’t give a damn. Sometimes the stuff can look cool, like Starfox. Because the quality of something can be ruined very quickly by mixing it up a little.

The GIGN model looks alright, and should be a playermodel. Everything should be a player model. Even a watermelon man.


What I’d love to see, “furry”-wise, is a less humanoid model. I’m not talking something that’s totally back to being a werewolf; make it civilized! But I think that furries are rapidly sliding towards being too human and not animal enough.

Listen, this isn’t the community to be asking. You might want to find someone on the furry forums (can’t remember the name) to do this. You’re not going to get positive results here, I’m sorry.

Your best bet for this request would be: http://www.facepunch.com/member.php?u=200936

But he’s having problems using whatever he uses to make player models.

Furry is cool!!! They are rules!

See a doctor

That, you could ask around the furry forums in the Hobby/life-style section. There is bound to be someone willing to help you there and If not they will point you in the right direction.

Aye back here with a scowl and finger.

People can request whatever they want as long as they follow the forum rules.

The problem is the rest of Facepunch, who doesn’t really follow the rules, leading to topics closing, people being banned, etc. Besides, as long as its a model in the models section for use, it works.

nope! I am normal.

i would also like to kindly requst that once your ban is over you please remove this disrespectful comment for i have not disrespected you

WARNING if you are NOT one of the LOL YIFFYIFF furries then that forum is more than likely not for you i saw things that wont be forgoten it is not for requests like this

Hmm, well if someone has a working Studio Compiler and decompiles the MDL for me I can work from there. So, if you or anyone has a working Studio Compiler, try it and send me the QC,SMD etc