Furry model

Okay, since aparantly, everyone was horrified by a penis…

THERE! I got it from potobucket, and direct linked it.
So, can someone please make this for me THank you!

Rare chance of it happening, since there are only a few modelers here who take furry requests and that the majority of FP hates furries.

“Hey can you make this into a model?”
Insanely complicated stupid fursona that even a furry modeler would cringe at the thought of trying to make
Try and make an easier to model fursona, like a box, or maybe even a circle, or if you’re really adventurous, a triangle! wow!

WHY?? i ask.
why do you people need al these idiot looking nude animals and all that shit? i rarely see “normal” furries…
yes, i’m a furry hater.

I think the ‘non-sexified’ ones are called “anthro.”
I have a few friend who are furries and they get quite a bit touchy over that.
But still agreed.


He can request whatever he likes.


Anthro means human, funnily enough.

Don’t bother asking for a furry model like this in G-Mod.

Most people will say No.

Im a furry…but even then this is kinda complicated and ridiculous. But im sure some one may do this.

Yeah, I know.
But the terminology is used in a very particular way that many find offensive if used improperly.

Anthromorphic is generally an Animal depicted with human characteristics. I.e. It stands on two legs, has human hands and wears glasses/clothes.

Get the fuck back to your den.

Get the fuck back to requests. Don’t like it? Don’t post.

ye, that’s right…

and thanks for not banning me. :slight_smile:

Holy fuck. I leave this for a year and get this shit? >:X I mean, if you guys are going to bitc about requests, why put a request thread here?

To make people who think looking at their own year-old threads and bumping angrily about how it never went anywhere rage.

Its 2010, this thread is from February.
How did you guys figure this was a year old?

because i was riding the end of a partial high exactly 32 minutes ago from this posting time and i didn’t bother to check the date

This really isn’t the best place to ask for furry models Cinox, I have seen rather hateful remarks by alot of antiFurs here.