Furry models

Facepunch,I need furry models for my poses.
I have a renamon from digimon (she’s a digimonster or whatever,people think it’s a furry,it fits) and some badly made model of some red and cyan furry shit
I think it’s made by thelaughingchees or something,I don’t renember.I also have the furry gign,but it’s fucked up,so if anyone has anymore models I should know of,please help.




! I forgot to say I would also like some gore models!
Guts,brains,pieces of skulls,whatever the hell,but I need gore models.

I know! Models of furry gore! Two request done at the same time.


Works,I just need the furry models and gore models and maybe some blood particles

Gore models are on Gmod.org, and furry models can be found right here on FP.

I’ll let you search for them yourself.

hint they’re in the personal skins thread on the screenshots section


Here they are

and if you want them to be more flexible here

Damn you AI, ruining my fun :arghfist::saddowns: