Furryfinder for Linux?

Does anyone have a copy of gmsv_furryfinder for Linux? (or have the ability to compile it for me :3)

Can’t seen to find it anyway, nor can I find an alternative (SAPI is not an alternative).

You can find it on here: svn://svn.metastruct.org/gbins

Checked the link, can’t find it, can you post the dll?

You can get the source here: https://github.com/gmodcoders/gmsv_furryfinder
Or if you can wait, I’ll get Jamie to set it up to build for linux on our build bot.

I’m trying to give a quick compile right now.

Also ninja’d.

Yeah I asked Jamie back then, he couldn’t get it to compile.

Welp I got it to compile but it’s missing symbols for gmod13_open and luaJIT_BC_gmod13_open which has something to do with the module using the old backwards headers I presume. Too tired to look into it.

Worst case scenario you can use the steam web api to get all the members of a group and check if this player is in it.

If you want something to find the groups that a user is a part of just use GSapi


Thats not useful if the player has a private profile.

If GSapi can go from Group -> User then the problem is solved, but not from User -> Group

I found a solution for my GroupR addon the other day.
Using gxml, http.Fetch and the steam group xml


You can parse the XML to a table and then you need to do xmlTable.membersList.members.steamID64 to get a table of the members.


I’ll end up doing that assuming nobody can compile furryfinder.

Remember if you group is larger than 1k. Then it will only display 1000 members on each page.

Just do
if #members%1000 == 0 then
http.Fetch(“http://steamcommunity.com/gid/<GroupID>/memberslistxml/?xml=1?p=<PageNumber>”, function() end, function() end)