Further Improving HL2RP.

Here’s what I have so far. I’m working on both a gamemode and a map to go with it. I will also go over the server itself.


• Highly tested and monitored administration. Regardless of whom, the bad ones will be thrown out.

• A large focus on atmosphere and ambience, making the city feel like a big and scary place.

• 100% IC applications. Fill out an IC paper form with a very small OOC section, then hand it back.

• Combine supplies are automatically delivered through a functional razor train. There could be a huge dynamic here.

• Citizen need more stuff to do. A lot more. Still working on this one. Hopefully “asking for work” will be a thing of the past.

• Permakills handed out like candy. You have a reason to fear the strong, nourished CPs, and not just half-pretending to fear them.

• In case it doesn’t make sense to PK, you respawn in a train which moves into the station, instead of staring at a grey screen.

• No more shoot to miss; inaccurate weapons with immense kick and lower damage. Full S2K.

• More “freeform” CPs without high-command units. The requirements for getting in would be high. No edge or voice spam.

• Dispatch replaces high-command in CP. A mix of AI-controlled and player-controlled dispatch.

• Let the citizens have some more freedom, but CPs will still crack down hard on anyone legitimately suspicious.

• Any events, which there won’t be too many of, will involve citizens in some way.

• Resistance living conditions are terrible, you need to juggle [actual] disease, shelter, food, water, vermin, and the Combine.

• Only roll for actual random events, not for firing a trigger or moving your fist.

• You don’t have to /me everything, only if it makes actual sense. Also, 10-paragraph /me’s that slow down RP are frowned upon.

• Combine will use their technology to their fullest. Everything: hoppers, APCs, helicopters, forcefields, surveillance, etc. will be fully utilized.

• 100% IC applications. Fill out an IC paper form with a very small OOC section, then hand it back.

• Overwatch are only deployed when necessary. Judgement Waivers are (EXTREMELY) rare. Even then, they may not be instantly deployed.

• CPs can recognize you IF your CID digits are visible, from a specific (short) distance. You can use various methods to hide your identity.

I could go on and on. Some of this stuff is implemented, some of it isn’t quite yet.


• No true “slums,” because at that point you’re right next to the canals and you will be treated as if you were inside them.

• The industrial area is actually industrial, and doesn’t just have one small enter-able factory. It will be really fleshed out.

• Multiple [fully separate] zones. You may have Industrial Block 1, Industrial Block 2, Residential Block 1, Residential Block 2, etc.

• Actual canals and drainage instead of [just] yet another cliche underground system with hidden doors.

• The canals should be truly difficult to get to, not loliwalkedtherein30seconds. Rooftops, abandoned areas, alleys, etc. will have to be crossed.

• Getting from the canals back to the city will be even harder.

• Trainyards, with those functional trains I talked about, because everybody loves trainyards!

• A larger checkpoint system. I doubt those in Half-Life 2 were just a quick 2-second pass-through. They will also be more scarce.

• Small nexus. The more inclusive the RP, the better. Large nexuses are boring. Just some training areas and briefing rooms.

• Resistance hide-outs will be the canals, and abandoned buildings, and alleyways. No obvious central rebel base. Makeshift.

(Still working on improving my map ideas especially! I need some of those.)

Is there anything else I could do to improve HL2RP? For example, more things to do for citizens… I also want some opinions and expansions on my current ideas.

Nobody’s replying, so is that it? The best HL2RP can ever possibly get?

You can’t do anything to improve HL2RP. It would still feel boring and repetitive.

Sure, from someone who hates HL2RP’s point of view. But not from other people’s, clearly.

I can’t really think of something better then what you have mentioned here. Perhaps reduce the circulation of guns/make them harder to get or craft so they are more valuable to have rather then buying them off a NPC along with infinite ammo. But that’s just a theory, i dont know how this will work out gameplay-wise.

I’d personally like for there to be a bit of dynamic with items, but i’m not sure how you’d accomplish that. Just about everything is entirely controlled by the admins with what gets into circulation. Unless they give you the O.K to get something, you’re never going to find it. I understand the whole thing about not needing items or weapons to Roleplay, but they can certainly add to things.

Even something as simple as a can of beans with a pull-top could add to things, where you’re trying to hide what is clearly contraband that would get you pulled into an alley and shot for, either by MPF or shady individuals, all for a chance at a meal that will actually keep you full for more then thirty minutes. The desperation, the struggle to survive. Something as simple as that can help solidify the tone of the server as being a harsh, cruel one in which you will struggle to stay alive.

I never said i hated HL2RP, i’ve tried it and it is boring. Maybe it’s because i’m not a very big RPers?
Boring and repetitive. Plus the fact that it’s player-driven everytime;
A Half life 2 RPG with npc would have been better.

That defeats the entire purpose of the game mode. It’s suppose to be player the driven, it’s just not a popular game mode as of now, that’s why he’s trying to fucking improve it.

But it’s impossible to make a player-driven HL2RP. Tell me how you would make it. ESPECIALLY on Garry’s mod. There’s no such thing as player driven HL2RP.

Don’t criticize things if you have no idea how they work.

One of the few things I noticed while playing HL2RP was character development – Or lack thereof. Most if not all the time, you wait patiently for a workshift if you were on Lemonpunch and otherwise twiddle your thumbs in your apartment. As a CP, you wait for the dispatch-player to go on, walk around the plaza five times for an hour until you get your hourly Sterilized Credits reward, then you log off and play something else.

My problem was that it was extremely trite and horribly slow. Joining the rebels was impossible from what I’ve seen, as they’re never around, never help people, and the slums instead would be filled with retarded edgelords that wield five double-barreled shotguns. It wasn’t fun to play, and I have no idea how any of my friends on that server could endure RPing such a boring scenario.

There has to be something that spices up the trite RP in the plaza, or lack thereof again. On WoW, I can just start a conversation. On HL2RP? I would be kicked in the dick by a Civil Protection officer and told to shut up, in the worst case arrested and maybe even executed if I do it too often. This has to change. It might be logical in lore, but it strips away from the fun greatly.

If dispatch, rebels, CPs, citizens, vortigaunts, etc. are players and they all heavily control the local world, how is it not player-driven?

Edit: also, “it’s player driven everytime” to “impossible to make a player-driven HL2RP”. what even?