Fury with Tommy


C&C… but don’t be a dick.

Shell casing and smoke is good, but muzzle flash is a bit on the small side. He looks rather surprised. Ought to have a more angry look. Decent enough pic.

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Can’t see any pic here mate.

What the hell dude, everyone has a right to think whatever they want. Don’t be mean.


The picture is quite good, I like the smoke, but I don’t like his hair.

It’s a good pic, but his face seems a little off. :v:

Try another expression, maybe fiendishly happy :3:

I cant see the picture :saddowns:


Now its there.
Hairs are strange and his eyes are off. Otherwise very good.

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Report him and just wait man, dont bother replying to scum.

Also I like the angle and the muzzleflash but as everyone has said, the hair looks awkward.

thanks guys, the pose is really old and i just thought i would edit it.

Looks like you didn’t build on my previous criticism under a different name that you need to make the muzzleflash emit some light.

I don’t think I could keep my eyes that wide open when I fire a weapon

Crazy people can, and his faceposing indicates that he is crazy.

He should be laughing or something so he looks even more crazy