Fuse model faceposing

Hello, I’m Handsome Devil. I’m new around here.

Anyways, jumping straight to the problem.

After drinking a beer too many, I decided to create a ragdoll for Gmod using Fuse.
So far so good, as the model correctly works on Garry’s Mod, and I’m happy with how it looks. Perhaps a couple of fixes here and there to make it more personal.

The problem is: It’s got no faceposing nor eye posing.

Now, if I was as good working on the Source engine as I am as a car mechanic, I would have figured it out by myself.
But I’m not good with computers, programming, and all that complex stuff that you do to do stuff, without a proper GUI for me to understand even after spending a night out with your best friends Kilkenny and Moretti.

What I’m going to ask y’all, is: Can someone create a facepose and eyepose for this model I’m working on? I’d really appreciate if you’d give me some details on how you do it, as it seems Google can’t help me find an easy-to-understand tutorial.

I’ll send you a private link for the download if you want to help me out. And once it’s uploaded (blame my ISP).


the problem is that Mixamo hasn’t implemented facial flexes for fuse models when porting to gmod, however they have been able to do it for source filmmaker! so maybe port the model to sfm then compile a physmodel for the model then port it to good ol gmod

Considering I’ve already got the physmodel file, do you think I can just slap that on and be done with it?

you might, but you’l want to ask someone else for their opinion first, i have no experience with modeling but i have learned a little by seeing what people do, so yeah might want to wait until someone else has a look at it

Try to since i guess that it auto-rigs all of its models into one single rig… And in the worst scenario, it’ll just close your Gmod if something goes wrong

Turns out using the physmodel file I have makes the model invisible.

I do get faceposing, though.

This is the error code I get.

*MDLCache: characters/hdmaybe/hdmaybe.mdl needs to be recompiled
Model uses STRIP_IS_QUADLIST_REG - will crash in this engine - so not loading!
Requesting texture value from var “$basetexture” which is not a texture value (material: pp/copy)

Okay this can be ignored. This is just a generic gmod error that’s printed in the console quite frequently.

Regarding this, please compile your model with Source SDK Base 2013 for GMod instead of compiling with SFM. Models compiled with SFM’s studiomdl are often incompatible with GMod.

I’ll try doing that next weekend, as it’s the only free time I have as of now.