FUSE Models (Xbox 360)

Been playing FUSE recently, and despite the average satisfaction I got from the game, I found myself a little attached to the main characters. I thought these four would make a nice addition to GMOD, but there’s a problem: The models will have to be ripped.

There is no PC version, so I want to ask if ripping from the 360 version is possible…

If it isn’t, I’m sure we’ll find a way.

Here’s a screenshot of Overstrike 9, in-game:

they all look like bellends

This is by Insomniac games right?

Yeah. It was their debut game on Xbox. It came out for PS3, too.

Most likely the same engine as Resistance/Ratchet&Clank ill have a look at the files later.

Just looked at all of their games.

I had no idea Insomniac used the same engine for all of them.

yep the art assets are different but the underlying engine is the same for all the games.



Yeah na… too much work for now they use a custom archive format. I might look at this in a months time.

things of interest to me

E:\\Other\\DevRel\\Clients\\Insomniac\\2011_2\\Source\\Common/Internal/GeometryProcessing/CompressedGeom.cpp (hints that the geometry is compressed in some way maybe EDGE)

The archive isn’t that bad though I don’t think they encrypt anything so thats good just need to figure out the compression it uses and then should be good. As I said in a months time or when I’m not busy

Heres a stringdump from the games executable (xbox) if you’re interested

I see. Thanks for the info.

I wasn’t expecting anyone to do this straight away, anyway.