Fuse WORTH buying ??

Hi i’m new to this Modeling section, but i have a rather anoying/stupid question

Well my question contains

Wether there is sombody that is already familiar with this software package
or has a friend who knows this software.

And if it is worth buying i’m not that familiar with modeling or bones but this software could get me launched right ??

Thx in advance

It’s fucking crap, body shapes are unrealistic, over priced, ridiculous, most of the time can’t be used for source

I recommend MakeHuman, it’s basically the same thing with more features but free and you can use it commercially.

Check the steam reviews at bottom for more info

I don’t see why this would make bone modeling any easier, if you’ve got the money to spend go ahead but of the dozens of modelers I’m steam friends with only one owns it. It doesn’t look like a very serious utility

But would you recommend it to someone that has never worked with any algorithmic sources before (like blender etc.)

well atleast knows some basics

You’d just be crutching yourself, the only way to learn is to just dive in

Well, it doesn’t tell you much about modelling, you click, boom.
Try seeing videos of it see if it suits you. It’s simple, but i would recommend trying out my recommendation/any alternatives. If you don’t like it/these, try Fuse and see how it goes.

Well ty both of you ! I came to the point of not buying it like you said it seems like crap but MakeHuman looks difficult i’m starting to learn blender and MakeHuman and i’m going to make advantage of the situation because MakeHuman is Free