Fusion-Bomb Gun v1.1


Here is a Pic:


Basically, it is a gun I put together from a few other guns, I can’t lua code for crap, however I can make basic sense of what to change here and there…



  • Proper Sound
  • Sound is louder
  • Proper Damage Radius (3000)
  • Combine Ball effect death (de-particalize) (you don’t need new pic, come on we’ve ALL seen it :D)
  • Admin Only, this thing is dangerous :smiley:

So here it is, the Fusion-Bomb gun v1.1…

It’s in the form of an Addon for easy installation…


NOTE because of the new cool way of dying, this will not work on props, but WILL work on any player, and a vast majority of NPC’s…

Kudos to Shanjaq for the Effect,
and Hoffa1337 for the Zoom (despite the fact that he has been Perma-Banned.)

Nice gun :slight_smile:

What is new in 1.1?

lol thanks, literally as I posted it I thought about that, check the first post…

Nice make purple one :smiley:

It doesn’t damage props? why not? what functions are you using for damage?

Anyway looks good, i shall try it out and come back with criticism lol.

** EDIT **

Ahh it’s #point_hurt i see, no worries at least it breaks props.

Ok i have some suggestions:

  • Something of this caliber needs ground shake, it will add epicness :smiley:
  • See if you can get teta or hoffa to help you maybe make the blue swirly fire trials hurt you.
  • Can you put the sounds into a folder with a .WAV or whatever in it? as the explosion sound effect isn’t really good enough for this kind of swep and i want to edit it, as i’m good at that.
  • Increase the damage radius alot more, for the blue swirly fire trails, try to impliment some env_fires in there.

Your getting there man, just a bit more to go :slight_smile:

This is cool but is the range bigger than last version? so you don’t have to shoot it on a npc,what i mean is does it kill large groups of npcs? :v:

uhh yeh, basically anything within the radius of the actual explosion and slightly more, the actual ring does not hurt you yet…


alright, out of those suggestions, I am taking to following on board for v1.2

  • I will try for the groud shaking
  • I may change the colour to an evil black :smiley:
  • I will not bother with the rings doing damage, that would over-complicate matters…
  • the Wav’s are easily accessable, however yes I will add them in
    ±I may increase the damage further to 4000, (probably)

what do you mean by “try to impliment some env_fires in there.” what did you have in mind? I was going to avoid something like that…

He means something like it leaves behind blue plasma fire, which would look EPIC!


alright, I would agree that would look cool,

but how the fuck would you pull that off?

also I need help with the following:

  • I will try for the groud shaking
  • I may change the colour to an evil black :smiley:

as well as the ent_fire


I miss a custom model, but the explosions are great!

Wow… That Thing looks Sweet. Nice Job

two things,

lol I’m not a modeller, if you find a model you want, then just give me a link and I can use it if you want…

however, until someone suggests one I’m staying with a standard HL2 model, I may switch from the RPG, but that way I can keep it to under 300kb.


Plus without any custom models (or sounds) then you can have it on any server and anyone can see it and use it properly…

The explosion looks pwetty. :3

Black? don’t change it to black lol.

Also what i meant was for the rings to act in the way teta’s dust cloud does on his nuke, kill you lol.

Anyway glad to see your implimenting stuff.

lol yeh I tried changing the color, and the game never loads fully…


I guess it was supposed to be :smiley:

anyway yes changes are being made…

Holy. Freaking. Balls.

That is the biggest explosion I have ever seen in a video game.

You are aware of the Nuke Beta3?

Are you idiots aware that this is simply the effect from the Fusion Reactor in life support exploding put into a SWEP?